Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Making a great first impression is imperative to becoming influential within your industry as well as a innovated trend setter.  Therefore, in order for a business to become significant, it must first pass the eye-ball test.  At Munnerlyn Cleaning Service we provide the following recommended services:

 STRIP and WAX: This is the process to restore your floors and return them to that showroom look. This approach is very aggressive; however, this procedure yields the best results.

SCRUB and RE-COAT: This is the process that we strongly recommend four to six months after we have completed the strip and wax job.

MOP, RESTORE and BURNISH: This is the process we use to maintain and promote that spic and span clean look on your floors. We encourage this on a monthly basis. MOP and DUST MOP: We recommend that this process be administered on a daily basis monthly. This step is paramount to the appearance as well as the maintenance of the floors. The floors should be dust mopped, and spot mopped (with neutral floor cleaner).

GENERAL OFFICE CLEANING: Design and utilize a customized cleaning schedule for our clients which will promote a healthy general office environment. Will not compromise the following task which is comprised of:

  • Dust furniture, equipment, partitions, walls, etc.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops, floors, toilet, mirrors, tables, chairs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc in restrooms, break rooms and/or kitchenettes
  • Replenish supplies in restrooms, break rooms and kitchen
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum and/or hand scrub floors using brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners
  • Empty trash cans and recyclables into disposal areas
  • Wipe down walls and framework, doors, wall hangings, baseboards, etc.

We will identify potential safety or maintenance issues and communicate them those concerns accordingly to our clients in a timely manner. Plus we will work closely with our clients to established standards to insure that the client’s facility is locked and secured when our daily tasks are completed.

Additionally, we offer a AD-HOC service to handle special requests for customers when appropriate and upon request.

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About Munnerlyn Cleaning Services


OUR MISSION is to professionally deliver a host of customized, cost-effective janitorial services to our clients by using our innovative TEE concepts, and to provide an exquisite and uncompromising janitorial experience that will exceed our clients’ expectations.

OUR VISION is to nurture and cultivate our human capital which will promote our ability to develop a superior workforce of professional individuals through training, education and integrity enhancement programs. This will enable MCS to fulfill its commitment goals with its customers.

OUR VALUES are to respect our business community by promoting and embracing diversity with our employees, client's and joint venture partners. We pride ourselves in operating a company above reproach which allows MCS to build and sustain fully functional business relationships.